A Clown Show About Rain @ The Pleasance, London

Downstairs at The Pleasance I was lucky to watch a gem of theatre ‘A Clown Show About Rain’ by Silent Faces… my mundane Monday was marvellously uplifted by this comical yet meaningful performance.

‘A Clown Show About Rain’ was story of fishermen; three busy at sea, and another two on land with a hook in their hands. Although the two groups never do meet, the dynamic provided a quick switch in narrative which kept the audience’s attention throughout. From sandwich wars, to lip syncing solo’s, to many many cups of tea… there isn’t much missing from this unique clowning show. The trio of clowns on the stormy ship; Josie Underwood, Cara Withers and Stella Kailides kept me smiling with their bright yellow raincoats, perfect comic timing, and likable personalities. I was immersed in the relationships between them and their individual mini (yet funny) hurdles. Cordelia Stevenson and Jack Wakely also took the stage with their kahki fishing outfits and packed lunches, the mismatch pair bounced off one another and although not as physical as the yellow trio their personalities were just as clear.

A Clown Show About Rain 2.jpeg

The way the ensemble seamlessly worked together to gradually overlap the two worlds was brilliant; at one point the yellow raincoat clowns were midway through their jolly mop-dance (yes, I made that name up but I think it should be a thing) whilst the other two scout-like clowns weaved through them following their compass in a hurry. At these high energy peaks the stage was alive, and the physicality of the characters was fully appreciated.

A Clown Show About Rain.jpeg

Overall, it was the facial expressions of every performer which made you laugh out loud, particularly Wakely eyeing up Stevenson’s sandwich and the dead pan gaze from Withers is comedy gold (She is certainly one of my favourite characters I’ve watched this year). Towards the end you begin to realise the message of the piece surrounding mental health, and once I’d caught on I immediately wished I had known sooner so I could have appreciated the links throughout. However, the delivery of this poignant moment was beautifully gentle, and the simplicity made it even more touching.

I would certainly recommend joining Silent Faces on their boat of laughs and following their compass to a place of humanity and understanding… (In other words; go watch and have a giggle!)

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